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Relyquia it’s a brand beyond shoes and fashion items. Besides fashion industry, we develop other products that can call your attention. We are gathering everything you desire: Nature, Treasure and Soul.

What we really want is to offer a new experience on Luxury Lifestyle. Incorporating certain interests, attitudes and ways of being, Relyquia embrasses a lifestyle, presenting you contents and products that you wish. Keeping your own expression, we believe that our products reinforce your identity, and your life vision.


Relyquia Furniture | An Eternal Piece – CHAYR

With a large background, the chair has been reinvented under a lot of shapes…

Mainly supported by the four legs and a back, there are in fact some exceptions. In other times synonymous for big values like status or dignity, contrary to the current common use, the chair is still extensively used as the emblem of authority.


Without trying to “reinvent the wheel”, we are respecting the creation of a simple and functional African chair. With a wide range of possibilities, Relyquia is already preparing new options and solutions that to be sold along this product. Attending to the brand profile, we couldn’t stop consider the rhombus shape and ally it to the diamonds and luxury concept always involved.









Easy to clean, assemble and storage, the CHAYR gathers the functionality of an essential object and the authenticity of a design piece created by ancestors masters. Totally opposite from the common base with four legs, this wooden smooth surface chair has a leaning seat.  To use it, you only need to insert the seat in the back slot. To clean use a dry fabric and scour gently. To have more information about our CHAYR please send us an email to:


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“Chairs as sculptures art forms”

In 2001, Steven Man exhibited a chair sculpture at San Francisco Art Institute. This particular chair “SEAT SALE” was developed with a special device that retracted spikes when visitors passed their credit cards, so the seat license could be released. Due to a database connection, some people could have a free sitting session.


In 1997, the swiss artist Daniel Berset developed with Louis Genéve, The Broken Chair. Ithas 5.5 tons of wood and about 12 meters high. It’s a giant chair with a broken leg and stands out across the street around the Palace of Nations  at Genève. It symbolises opposition to land mines and cluster bombs, and acts as a reminder to politicians and others visiting Geneva.

In Odessa, there’s a monument called 12th Chair, dedicated to Ilf and Petrov, famous authors of the novel “Twelve Chairs”. The monument was opened on April 1st, 1999 and it’s a little chair that is placed on the marble pedestal. Near the chair there is a suitcase that belongs to Ostap Beder and on the back of the chair you can read the most famous expressions from the novel: “How much for opium for the people?”, “Kissia and Ossia were here”, and others. There is also a phrase written on the pedestal

“Citizens of Odessa – Ilf and Petrov”.

Also the Japanese designer, Tokujin Yoshioka has created several chairs as art forms such as:

Honey-comb paper chair (2001)

PANE chair : natural fiber chair (2006)

VENUS : natural crystal chair (2007)

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New Photo Shoot / Nature Treasure & Soul


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Relyquia Music / Cookin’ Soul

CS Promo 5

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First Exclusive Pictures from SearchMag in Crepe City 2014, representing Relyquia & SEARCHRELYQUIA sneaker.


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Relyquia Music | Johnny Def / Underground dance music in Portugal


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SEARCH RELYQUIA Llimited Edition Sneaker. Relyquia & Search Mag collaboration.


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Moccasin / In Relyquia we know Tradition is Innovation


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Relyquia Showroom / Moscow, Russia & Lisbon, Portugal


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Relyquia Music / SIMØNE


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Audrey Hepburn, Style Icon


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Relyquia Music | Sérgio Rola


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Natz Custom Skateboards / Special Skate for Relyquia


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Alia Clark wearing Relyquia Shoes in her latest interview for a Portuguese Magazine

IMG_9584 copy

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Relyquia Music | Cat Meat

534654_427064624027260_763667523_n (1)

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Relyquia Instagram


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What’s Inside America’s Most Luxurious Train Cars

train 5

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Relyquia Music | Barry White Gone Wrong


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Relyquia Art | Tattoo Artist Ricardo Baptista Natz | Cry Baby Making Of


It used to be that tattoos were the domain of rock stars and those serving time in prison. Not anymore, as tattoos are slowly but surely becoming more acceptable in the mainstream. These tattoo artists can liken their work to … Continue reading 

WHY By Relyquia New Couple

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The World is a very small place and this is why we created WHY BY RELYQUIA You Can Make a Difference! The Red Cross is a volunteer driven project that provides humanitarian help, prevents and alleviates human suffering in the … Continue reading 

Special Presents for Special Friends!

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As you know, from our very first beginning we always try to maintain contact with those who made a part of Relyquia since the beginning and with those we came to known us along the way. All started as a … Continue reading 

Relyquia Special Delivery


As Art fine pieces, our shoes are precious and authentic so they should be treated with great care like any other valuable item. That’s a Relyquia, a timeless piece that you will preserve forever… The idea for a wooden shoe … Continue reading 

⧫ Relyquia Giveaway ⧫ Want to win a Relyquia White Male Cotton T – Shirt ?

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